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RGS specialises in mine waste geochemistry and water management

RGS Environmental is an owner-operated, leading, environmental consulting company that has been operating successfully for over 12 years. We provide our clients with timely and cost-effective solutions to complex environmental management issues.

RGS  specialises in environmental geochemistry and hydrogeochemical services for mine waste and water management for projects from exploration though to rehabilitation and Closure. RGS has completed over 500 projects in Australia, China, SE Asia, Micronesia, South Pacific, South America and Africa.

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  • Alex Kiss

    Environmental Scientist/ Administration Officer

    Alexandra completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science, majoring in Environmental Management at Griffith University. Through her studies Alex has gained experience in varied conservation projects and industry software such as GIS. Whilst her Environmental Science journey is only in its infancy stages, Alex offers an organised, proactive, and passionate attitude towards the industry and is looking forward to expanding her understanding and experience in the field.

  • Lexi K Ng


    Lexi has successfully completed an Honours degree in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Tasmania. She has a background in geology, geography and geochemistry. Her Honours project involved the characterisation of mineralogy and geoenvironmental behavior of tailings as part of the rehabilitation testworks for a tailings storage facility in Western Tasmania. During her degree, Lexi has also been actively involved in mining industry related programs.

  • Pritii Tam Wai Yin

    Chemical and Environmental Engineer

    Pritii is an internationally experienced Chemical and Environmental Engineer with a strong commitment to sustainable engineering projects connecting both scientific and engineering disciplines. Pritii comes from a research background where she was involved in several hydrometallurgy research projects including the assessment of mine waste materials. Pritii is also completing her PhD with EU’s REDMUD Project in the recovery of aluminium from bauxite residue (red mud) through pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes. Her work incorporated theoretical thermodynamic models and mineralogical assessments in smelting and processing, and her work has been presented at international conferences and published in several publications.

  • Peter Long


    Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Peter has a background in geology and geochemistry, including the impact of microorganisms on the geochemistry of deposits and waste rock dumps. Peter specialises in the collation of data, CAD and computer aided modelling using the Deswik software suite and GIS.

  • afdgfdagafdga

    Dr Alan Robertson

    Director and Principal Geochemist

    Alan has over twenty-five years industrial and consulting experience in completing geochemical and Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) projects for the mining and mineral processing industry. He has provided input into a wide variety of studies for major mining companies ranging from stand-alone reports to integral components of Feasibility Studies. He has worked on projects in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America and is regularly called upon to Peer Review AMD work completed by other consultants. Alan has particular expertise in mine waste characterisation, development of AMD management plans, and design of mine waste storage facilities from project conception through to mine closure. He has experience of potential downstream impacts of mining activities and project specific mitigation measures. Alan is also an experienced Environmental Auditor and regularly assists clients with due diligence and compliance audits.

  • Melinda Hilton

    Dr Melinda Hilton

    Environmental Geochemist

    Melinda has completed a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry at the Sustainable Mineral Institute at the University of Queensland, which involved the characterisation of coal mine spoil and an assessment of salt leaching rates for different types of spoil over time. She has also completed a BSc honours in Environmental Science, at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, majoring in geology and chemistry. The honours thesis was an analytical study of environmentally hazardous trace elements in thermal and coking coal. Melinda has worked extensively under the microscope, in plane-polarised and reflected light, as well as SEM. Her technical experience also includes small and medium scale leaching experiments with mine wastes, including developing new methods in the use of tracers to measure water residence times and detect the presence of preferential flow paths. Melinda has been a strong connections with the land rehabilitation industry and has written and presented material in her field of expertise at several conference events. Melinda's recently published article: Hilton, M and M. Shaygan, N Mcintyre, T Baumgartl, M. Edraki, (2019) The effect of weathering on salt release from coal mine spoils. Minerals 2019, 9(12), 760.

  • Dr Greg Maddocks

    Prinicpal Hydrogeochemist

    Greg Maddocks has a PhD in Geochemical Engineering, over 15 years’ mining sector experience and has worked on various open pit and underground mining projects in Australia and South-East Asia. Greg has developed Mine Waste and Rehabilitation Management Plans that are compliant with the requirements of Australian and current industry guidelines and standards. Integrated planning is a fundamental part of Greg’s role and ranges from evaluating and selecting optimal water and waste management strategies to developing management plans for tailings and waste rock storage facilities and open pits

  • Laura Jackson

    Senior Geochemist

    Laura has a BSc with honours in Environmental Geochemistry from UTAS and has over five years of experience performing geochemical and mineralogical characterisation on a range of mine waste and drill core materials. Laura is completing a PhD which focusses on the prediction of AMD using a range of new technologies, including hyperspectral drill core loggers and handheld tools, to enable early life-of-mine geoenvironmental forecasting complimentary to existing geoenvironmental programs. Laura has developed new mineralogical geoenvironmental predictive tools and has a number of journal publications, conference papers and book chapters. Laura has extensive field experience working with both state government and the mining industry examining drill core and mine waste across Australia. Laura has also been actively involved in training and mentoring programs focused on mine waste during her time at UTAS.

  • Matt Landers

    Dr Matt Landers

    Principal Hydrogeochemist

    Matt has over 15 years’ experience in project management, development, implementation and delivery of multi-disciplinary programs for mining and energy industries. Matt specialises in the hydro-geochemical characterisation of mine waste and development of solutions for mine waste and water management for projects from concept through to Closure. Matt has extensive experience in constructing hydro-geochemical models for the assessment of acid and metalliferous/ saline drainage, surface and groundwater quality assessments, waste storage facilities and final void/ pit lakes. Matt is also experienced in design, modelling and performance monitoring of Closure options (e.g. mine waste cover systems, final voids/ pit lakes and waste storage facilities). His experience extends throughout projects in Australia, Laos, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia and New Caledonia. In addition, Matt has co-authored over thirty peer reviewed international journal articles or conference outputs.

  • Veronica Canales

    Laboratory Manager

    Veronica has over 15 years experience working in geochemical laboratories, managing environmental data and reporting. Veronica currently manages all geochemical and mineralogical data at the RGS laboratory in Brisbane.


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