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Latrobe Valley pit lake water balance and water quality modelling

To support the Victorian Government’s delivery of the Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy covering the closure and rehabilitation of the Latrobe Valley’s three brown coal mines, DELWP is implementing a pit lake water quality modelling study to understand the potential effects of mine pit lakes as a rehabilitation strategy. RGS was engaged to:


  • undertake a scoping study in consultation with a panel of experts in geology, geochemistry, mine water management, pit lake modelling to develop a framework for modelling the geochemical and limnological evolution of mine pit lakes and identify critical data gaps for follow-up investigation; and,
  • produce a GoldSim pit lake water balance and water quality model that enables the evolution of the three pit lakes to be modelled over a 100-year period, thereby enabling DELWP to evaluate the effect of the mine closure plans on local and regional water resources.



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