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Mount Carlton WRD design and Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan

RGS is assisting Evolution Mining Limited at the Mt Carlton Operation (MCO) polymetallic (gold, silver and copper) mine located in North Queensland. RGS has been engaged to undertake several scopes of work including:


  • Assistance with the preparation of a Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP);
  • Supporting the development of a detailed design for the MCO waste rock storage facility (WRSF);
  • A hydrogeochemical characterisation investigations of various mine waste materials including a kinetic leach column (KLC) testing program undertaken in the RGS laboratory;
  • Design and development of a field barrel kinetic leach testing program;
  • Development and implementation of a waste rock classification criteria and field verification scheme;
  • Waste rock block model coding;
  • Risk and opportunity assessment; and,
  • Stakeholder presentations.



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