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Hazelwood pit lake water balance water quality modelling and geochemical assessments

RGS is engaged by ENGIE to develop a final void/ pit lake water balance and water quality model (tool) to assess several Closure options for the Hazelwood Coal Mine in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria. As part of the Project, RGS has initiated and managed several hydro-geochemical investigations to support the modelling and Closure options.

Specifically, RGS has been involved in:

  • Final void/ pit lake water balance and water quality model construction and development;
  • Pit lake limnological modelling (i.e. pit lake stratification assessment);
  • Field based hydrogeochemical assessments including pit wall wash experiments;
  • Hydrogeochemical characterisation investigations of various mine waste materials including a kinetic leach column (KLC) testing program undertaken in the RGS laboratory;
  • Landform Design modelling;
  • Conceptual model development;
  • Risk and opportunity assessment involvement;
  • Stakeholder presentations; and,
  • Completion Criteria (CC) and Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP) development.



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